What to do, to reduce home heating bills! One way, is to invest in draught-proof windows and doors that effectively do just that and prevent heat loss. Alkonaluminium windows will reduce your energy consumption by as much as 80 percent. We offer a whole range of windows from fixed and hinged, through turn- and tilt-turn, to lift and slide windows, (HS) which are used for terrace doors and balconies, in single-family housing. Our customers can also choose aluminium doors from external, internal, swing, automatic, locking, sliding, panel, folding and carousel doors.


A Winter Garden is a solution that combines several advantages. The economy-minded among you, will appreciate their impact on the level of heating bills. Nature lovers will love the opportunity to become one with nature while those who dream of extra living space will be totally amazed by the possibilities offered by this type of property extension. Winter gardens light up a building’s space quite dramatically and considerably increase a property’s prestige; this, in turn, translates into an increase in the value of the entire property.


The glass façades of buildings have always been a symbol of modernity. For years, our company has been in the vanguard of the latest trends, offering solutions for the 21st century, in aluminium, mullion-transom and structural aluminium façades. Such systems are used both in public facilities, such as, banks, hotels, various types of office buildings and also in private buildings. We use them, among other things, in constructing the elevations of buildings, skylights or for buildings which are complex in shape which could not be realised using traditional technologies.


Every house and/or business owner knows that it is worth making that extra effort to protect his property from that most devastating of the elements – fire. For this reason alone, our offer on fire doors and windows, internal walls and automatic sliding doors in fire resistance classes EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 is not to be missed, nor can our innovative fire protection systems be overlooked. All products in this category are resistant to high temperatures, meet strict European standards and safety requirements.



Glass is an unusual material; it can fill the space wherever it is incorporated, with light, airiness and modernity. Our tempered glass, which is used to construct individual projects, has all the required certificates and safety approvals. It is a durable and completely safe material and is ideal for all-glass structures, both in offices and commercial facilities.


Glass balustrades are another element which give interiors a unique character. In our constructions, we use glass of various thicknesses, depending on requirements. Unsightly brackets are a thing of the past…! The remaining parts of the balustrades are made of materials which fit, in sync, with smooth glass panes.


We are well aware that roofing protects against rainfall and that it must be constructed of materials that will not cause even the slightest injury, at any time. For this reason, we use so-called safety glass or poly-carbonate fillings. This is not only strong, but is most decorative, too, illuminating the communication routes over which it is suspended.


Our constructions are powder-coated according to both the RAL and the NCS colour palette (matt, gloss and structural). Our offer also includes simulated-wood varnishes in 18 designs.

Aluminiowe konstrukcje dla wymagających