At all began a quarter of a century ago. The Polish nation could finally show their spirit of true entrepreneurship to the whole world. One of those who was not afraid to set out to conquer the free market was Zbigniew Urbaniak. His company, which, at that time, produced aluminium joinery on a very small scale, was initially located in the proverbial garage.

Despite the passage of time and changing realities, the company has survived and is in great shape to this day, having developed spectacularly along the way. In 2017, his son Jacek, who had been absorbing the business atmosphere since he was a child, became the head of Alkon. He fulfilled the dream of his father, who wanted what he had started in 1993, to pass into good hands and continue on, down the generations.

Today, Konstrukcje Aluminiowe /Aluminium Structures/ ALKON Jacek Urbaniak, is a brand whose products are known all over Poland, being the combination of a reputation that has developed for over 25 years, in tandem with youthful enthusiasm and inexhaustible energy. All this makes this Poznań company still hungry for new challenges!


How exactly does one create a company that will survive over 25 years and face growing competition from year to year? Here at Alkon we know one thing – you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes! You’ve got to get into his skin, get to know his dreams, fears and expectations and then create real works of art, in aluminium, that delight with their design, awaken admiration with their quality and promote confidence in their durability.

How are such products created? Well, what else but totally in accordance with European standards and certificates! Before they reach the customer, they are subjected to meticulous testing at every stage of production. Thanks to this, they will serve, without failure, for many a long year.

Aluminium structures for demanding customers